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The Virtual Birthday Party is still going strong!


Snerk's Dive Reports! Fun for everyone!

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My friend Shawn has a PhD in coffee. You can buy fresh coffee beans from him weekly.

Ask me about my pet snakes.

I can't believe we've been married 23 years!

I never get tired of this picture of my brother Trent on the Big Island!

New Zealand's Bird of the Year contest website.


Check out my WNOC tribute page. This is the band that made me The King Of All Roadies. will give you free tickets to shows and events once they validate your status as a veteran. Thank you VetTix! Click here, it's my referral link.

Juggling has been a hobby of mine for most of my life.

IT juggler

This is my avatar when I sign into Netflix. It is no longer available as a choice, but as long as I don't change it I can keep it!


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11/23/2023: Happy Thanksgiving! I updated the site. Fixed some things that were bugging me and started adding in stuff I've been meaning to add, so you can waste more time here.

5/10/2023: We made our second trip to New Zealand in late March 2023 and had a great time. We saw real live kiwis dancing, we got to pet an ostrich and I ate an ostrich egg omelette, we walked through the lighted treetops of the Redwoods in Rotorua, went tubing through glow worm caves in Waitomo, saw waterfalls galore, played with Munchkin kittens (they have really short legs!), I went ziplining for the first time, we dug into the sand and almost scalded our feet (and butts) at Hot Water Beach, we rode electric mountain bikes through the forest, and ate wonderful exotic snacks and delicious food like deep fried lamb buns and passionfruit ice cream bars, and so much more. Our return flight got canceled so we had to stay an extra day. Ask me for a personal viewing of the 1,800+ photos I took!

5/14/2023: Holy cow, it's a miracle! Chuckorama!com has been updated for the first time since 5/7/2014! I haven't finished yet, and I'm sure you'll find some imperfections related to the update, but the loooooooooooooong overdue update has finally happened. You're welcome.

5/14/2023: In an effort to make this site slightly more dynamic, I added this news section to periodically add content. I'll put the newest bits at the top of this section and put dates on them so you know how old they are.