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This is the place to put WNOC in your face.

LISTEN . . .
This is your lucky day. After years of angst at having left your WNOC CD in the car when it was stolen and being forced to listen to all that other crap, I have generously put an end to your suffering. Behold, I bring you these MP3 files for your listening pleasure.

MP3s! - The self-titled CD.
MP3s! - Original Recordings (the old cassette tape).

* * * Holiday Special! * * *

MP3s! - Christmas Classics. You lucky bastards, these are collector's items!

See . . .

WNOC is currently in the studio... indefinitely.

Good News . . .

Frank and Rob Holt have finally teamed up with their younger brother Chris, the magical Jonny 5 and another guitar player to form a new band called Shovelhook. Check out their web site for a couple of MP3 samples and their gig schedule, then take your sorry ass out and get it rocked at a show.

Who Woulda Thought . . .

WNOC now has a page on

Along with loading the gear, driving the band, being guitar tech, doing all juggling and stiltwalking, intro-ing the band and providing supplemental security,
Chuck, the King of All Roadies, created this page.
This page was last updated 12/18/06 and it rocks.