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Chuck's Trip to Hawaii!

Here are pictures from my fateful vacation trip to Hawaii back in Februuary 2000! I can't promise this page will go fast but the pictures are great!

Joey's wife Amy has her pilot's license. She flew us to the island of Kauai.

Our able pilot Amy.

Joey helps his daughter Josie, 3, into the plane.

We could see Joey's ship, the Salvore, from the plane.

Mothball fleet at Pearl Harbor.

Kauai was beautiful, I wish I had more & better pictures.

Joey and Amy consult the map and decide to let me fly us back to Oahu.

You thought I was kidding?

Joey waded over rough coral holding my camera over his head to get these pics, you better like them. He also got run over by that shaggy looking Hawaiian dude you see in the picture. Look at the other guys he cuts off in the next few pictures. Thanks to Jennifer for the help and tips.

Chuck, waiting for a wave. That is an 11' longboard!

Here comes a wave, paddle! I'm in the highlighted circle, and that Hawaiian dude is pointed out with the arrow. Watch his progress over the next two pictures.

Looks like I might have one...

Yes! I am surfing at Waikiki!

As I paddle back out to Joey I find him having words with the Hawaiian, who turns out to be a surfing instructor or something. I somehow find myself wading back to shore over the same jagged coral carrying my camera over my head, I guess to give me some appreciation for what Joey went through to get these pictures, while Joey makes off with my surfboard. As I'm struggling back, another surfer who witnessed the whole thing told me Joey was right and the Hawaiian dude hit him on purpose. He said the Hawaiian dude did the same thing to several people including himself. I'm happy to report that the guy may have lost his job over it.

Next came sailing. It's funnier to think about Joey swinging from the mast trying to take these pictures.

I sail like I surf.

The whole crew.

The next day I got to go to work with Brian and fly his helicopter.

Okay, I just sat in it.

But it was still pretty cool.

The next day Amy and I flew to Lanai for lunch.

This plane was even smaller, only a 2-seater.

Good pic of Diamondhead crater from the plane.

Shuttle bus from airport stopped at this resort first.

As you can see, it was quite luxurious.

Those leis are real flowers and they smelled great.

Here's where we actually had lunch.

The weather was perfect.

I will own all of this one day.

An exciting flight back to Honolulu, we almost ran out of gas (actually the guage was just reading funny or something) but we made it back just in time to meet Joey for rock climbing!

This turned out to be a lot of fun!

Joey belaying (sp.?). That's when you hold the rope while someone climbs.

Amy climbing.

Joey climbing.

I'll get back to climbing later. Meanwhile, here are the first of the famous hiking pictures! These were from a beautiful 4-hour hike the lovely and talented Jennifer took us on. The dogs live near the beginning of the trail and joined us for most of the hike.

Hard to say which is better, the scenery or the company!

This trail is on State watershed property so the tourists don't know about it.

Here is the first 100-foot waterfall we came to called Palolo Falls.

The dog has a great idea!

Joey actually took this picture using the remote control for my camera! The water was cold but we had fun!

Here is the second waterfall we came to. Not enough water to swim, so we broke out our picnic lunch.

This is what it looked like from the top.

And this is part of the hike up to the top of the falls. Ropes have been installed in many of the steeper parts of the hike to help you out. Fortunately we had our newly acquired rock climbing skills to aid us! See if you can spot Jennifer in this picture.

Good shot of me climbing.

More beautiful scenery.

We finally make it to the top of Ka'au Crater.

We hiked along the rim of the crater for a bit and then started back down to where we started. Here is the view we had. That crater in the distance is Diamond Head, and next to it on the right is Waikiki. Can you spot Joey in this picture?

Back down by the stream, Joey makes a friend. There were lots of these little crawdaddies flicking about, we thought about trying to catch a meal. If you look closely, you can tell this little guy is from New York.

My all-time favorite Hawaiian tour guide and author of all those dive reports (and my new wife), Jennifer!

I got to go scuba diving 4 times while in Hawaii: Kewalo pipe, Marne's rock, a wreck called the Sea Tiger, and the 100' hole. Here's a couple of underwater pictures.

On the deck of the Sea Tiger.

'The Man in the Gray Suit.'

The descent...

Diving is awesome!

Ask me if I like diving.

As a bonus, here's me ready to dive in a dry suit at Dutch Springs, PA in early May 2000.

I have more climbing and hiking pictures, and more other pictures, but I have to get back to scanning. Here's a couple of cute pics of Josie to hold you over until I'm finished.

Josie is great in the car!

Josie juggling!

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