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I'm the new puppy, my name is Bilbo!

Chuck & Snerk's

The 2005 Thanksgiving Holiday weekend brought a new and wonderful surprise to the Williams family. Our new little kitten Pixie (pictured right) was tempted in by a few little tidbits of turkey.

A few days after Christmas that year our latest addition came, our new puppy Bilbo (pictured left). Imported from Maui, he appears to be a very exotic breed!

Hi, I'm the new kitten!

Check out my new on-line photo albums of Pixie & Bilbo and Bilbo at the Bark Park at http://picasaweb.google.com/chuckorama.

Also check out Gavin's Easter dog tug-o-war video clips on YouTube:


We had been hearing the little critter cry for a few days, and Snerk figured out it was hiding across the street under a neighbor's car. She saw another neighbor leaving out food and water and thought he must be adopting it, but when she went over to chat one evening (with a few tidbits of turkey concealed in her pocket) the man explained that he was just trying to trap it so he could take it to the Humane Society. Snerk was luring the little one in with the turkey during the conversation and succeeded in catching her. I was in the kitchen when there was a knock on the door and a familiar voice asking "Can we come in?" There was Snerk with the little kitten half in her fleece jacket peeking out and looking scared to death (the kitten, not Snerk). At first it took her most of an hour and several little treats to get her close enough to grab, but after a day or two she would actually come over and jump on my lap, or follow me in and watch me brush my teeth.

We named her Pixie, and she is growing like crazy (over 8 pounds already)! She is very affectionate and likes to sleep on my lap or Snerk's. I can tell she misses her mother because she still tries to nurse, and we have the hickies to show for it. She gets to sleep in bed with us now, and makes a very cozy teddy bear. She likes to have her belly rubbed. She spends most of her day outside and is an excellent hunter of mice (yay!) and lizards (awww). She is very fond of 'secret water' sources. She likes to jump into the tub after we shower and drink the water. We bought her a table-top water fountain as a special treat, and she drinks from it occasionally.

This used to be the cutest picture, but she does so many cute things it's hard to say that anymore:

Tired little kitty.

You might not be able to tell from this picture but she actually found herself a place in the sun on this nice comfy rug and just laid down and conked out. As jumpy as she was at that time (only a day or two after we got her), she didn't move at all while I got up from my creaky chair, snuck over to get the camera and crept in close to take this picture.

Trying to be cute.

This picture is pretty cute too. I wanted to start videotaping all the cute things she does, but then I realized that she does cute things all the time, that's the joy of having a cat.

Funny things she has done: She used to go in her litter box and pee whenever I went to the bathroom; when Snerk was sitting on the edge of the tub washing her feet Pixie jumped up on the edge of the tub beside her and started cleaning her own feet; one day Snerk called her 'fat' and she immediately ran over in front of the mirror to look at herself; she practices arching her back, prancing and pouncing in the mirror to see how she looks; while playing with Pixie on the bed I moved my hand quickly and surprised her, so she sprang up into the air and slightly away, but when she came back down she missed the bed entirely and landed on the floor (hilarious, you had to see it from where I was sitting)!



Pixie now has a new baby brother! Our friend Timmy has a stray Australian Shepherd he adopted, and she recently had puppies. This little guy was born on November 22, 2005, and we got him 12/29/05. He was very chubby, a little clumsy and had bad breath. We consulted a professional naming service (our friend Naomi, the same one who named Pixie), and decided his name shall be Bilbo. He is completely house trained now, and gets to move about the house freely. He even sleeps in the bedroom (still on the floor, he and Pixie will play too much if he gets up on the bed). He will occasionally fetch, come when you call (sometimes), sit and lie down (if he thinks you have treats) and shake hands/paws, and he knows his name. The hardest thing right now is trying to train him not to bite, especially not to bite Pixie when they play.

Meet Pixie's new baby brother.

At first Pixie hated him and hissed and growled at him, and at us for bringing him home. Of course, within a few days they were playing together like a brother and sister should. Maybe hiding from fireworks under the same blanket with Snerk on New Year's Eve helped them bond.

Meeting of the minds.

Can you spot Pixie's paw coming out of the box?

Playing together.

Pixie's bathtime. Bilbo's bathtime.

Everyone gets a bath every Sunday now and are very well behaved through it all. Bilbo doesn't fit under the faucet anymore (see growth pictures below) so we got one of those handheld attachments for the shower. We got a new blow dryer for pets that's supposed to be quieter than a normal blow dryer. Pixie still doesn't like it, but she likes the heat, so I think she'll 'warm up' to it! Everyone has also been to the vet and gotten all their shots and flea and worm medicine. The latest trip to the vet had Pixie weighing in at 8 lbs. 12 oz.

We have documented Bilbo's growth rate as follows:
5 weeks - 5 pounds.

New puppy.

The making of a monster:

Monster in the making.

This picture was when he was only about 25 pounds.

Full grown (hopefully):

World's largest lap dog.

The latest trip to the vet when he got "fixed" he weighed 58 pounds! We'll keep this measurement system up as long as the incredible shrinking teddy bear lasts, which may not be much longer because the other day we noticed he chewed the nose off.

Bilbo appears to be a very exotic breed. We are calling him an Australian Razorback Monk Terrier of the Highland variety, although three different people have asked if he was a hyena. Jennifer has taken up the hobby of inventing new breed names for him when people ask what kind of dog he is, and my current favorite is "African Poaching Hound (his dark spots are camouflage at night)". He developed the ridgeback feature (real ridgebacks have two 'cowlicks' or swirls in their fur along the spine just behind the shoulders, causing the fur to stand up in a small ridge almost the full length of their back) shortly after he came to live with us, and he is the only one in his litter to have it. He also has double-jointed ears. At first we thought he had two right ears, because his left ear would lay over on top of his head as if it were trying to get to the right side, but then we saw him do it with his right ear too, and realized this was a feature and not a defect. These pictures were not staged (except for one, which should be obvious), we were just quick enough with the camera.

Right. Bat. Left. Right. Left. Easter Bunny! Right. Left. Salute. Right. Scooby. Back. Cross. Cross. Right. Left.

You may have spotted the roadkill talking Scooby-Doo chew toy, Bilbo's new favorite toy that we found while we were on a walk. It still talks and everything, just squeeze its front paw, although Bilbo extracted and chewed the little speaker box from inside, and now it is definitely talking a lot quieter.

Tune in to this page to track the progress of our little family.

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