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I'm the new puppy, my name is Bilbo!

Chuck & Snerk's

The 2005 Thanksgiving Holiday weekend brought a new and wonderful surprise to the Williams family. Our new little kitten Pixie (pictured right) was tempted in by a few little tidbits of turkey.

A few days after Christmas that year our latest addition came, our new puppy Bilbo (pictured left). Imported from Maui, he appears to be a very exotic breed!

Hi, I'm the new kitten!

Check out my new on-line photo albums of Pixie & Bilbo and Bilbo at the Bark Park at http://picasaweb.google.com/chuckorama.

Also check out Gavin's Easter dog tug-o-war video clips on YouTube:


We had been hearing the little critter cry for a few days, and Snerk figured out it was hiding across the stree